Special development package for welfare of other backword classes




Rapid socio economic development of persons belonging to Other Backward Classes(OBC) of the State has always been a priority for the State Government. Two special development packages comprising of 11-Points and 10 points were launched in 2001 and 2003-04 respectively for welfare of Other Backward Classes. Based on the successful implementation of these special packages, benefit extended and feed back received, it is proposed to  launch another special package for welfare of the Other Backward classes to be  implemented over a period of 5 years from 2013-14 to 2017-18 .The details of the packages are given below.

1. Infrastructure Development

Necessary action will be taken for providing basic Infrastructural facilities for communication like aIl—weather road. electrical power supply, safe drinking water and sanitation, health care facilities, irrigation, etc in the uncovered OBC populated areas on priority.

1.2 Effort will be made to construct Multi Purpose Hall with seating capacity of 300-500 in OBC dominated areas, for the purpose of skill development, cultural and other democratic activities.

1.3 A new Department will be opened for Welfare of OBCs.

2. Economic

2.1 Allotment of land :

Initiative will be taken to allot available khas land to landless OBC families belonging to BPL as per guidelines.

2.2 Assistance for Housing :

Remaining Homeless and both Homeless as well as landless OBC families under BPL category will be provided financial assistance at the rate of Rs,75,000/- per family for construction of dwelling houses.

2.3 Assistance for Vocational training :

With a view to exploit available and new opportunities, assistance for upgrading skills will be provided through training to the interested youths from OBC families. Production of handloom, handicrafts, electronic and other items having good market may be given special attention while imparting vocational training. The trained youths will be provided required assistance as well as soft loan from financial Institutions for running their  enterprise. 

2.4 Assistance to OBC farmers :

All OBC families having agricultural land will be provided Kishan Credit card for availing credit for Agriculture and allied activities. They will also be given required assistance for pursuing agriculture with higher productivity and income.

2.5 Economic Empowerment of women :

Necessary action will be taken for forming SHGs with women members belonging to OBC families and extending them necessary assistance and soft loan for running’ micro-enterprises as per market requirement.

2.6 Financial assistance for starting business enterprise:

Interested youth and SHG members from OBC families shall be provided assistance and soft loan for running their business.

2.7 Market Development and construction of Market Stall:

Existing markets in OBC dominated areas will be developed and upgraded including construction of market stalls to be allotted to the CBC unemployed  youth for transaction of business.

3. Education

3.1 Pre-recruitment coaching :

Special coaching facility will be provided to eligible candidates for enabling them to come out successfully in various competitive examinations of ALL India and State services such as IAS, IPS,IFS,TCS,TPS,TFS etc.

3.2Educational Loan:

Educational Loan will be provided to the OBC students for pursuing higher studies.

3.3 pre-matric scholarship:

Pre-matric scholarship will be provided to eligible OBC  students Studying in class VI to X.


3.4 post-matric scholarship:

Post-matric Scholarship will be provider to all eligilble OBC students Studing in class Vi to X.

3.5 Coaching:

Special coaching in core subjects like science,Mathematics and Engliah will be organized for students.

3.6 Providing of Bicycle:

All girls students belonging to OBC families having  income less thsn Rs. 1.25lakh per annum.studing in classes lX to XII will be provided bicycle free of cost to facilitate their movement to  schools.

3.7 computer training:

Special emphasis will be given for training of youths Belonging to OBC in computer application (both in software And hardware) and the trained youth will be extended necessary assistance.

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